Welcome to IRX, a new optimization service developed by Integrated Reasoning (opens in a new tab) that helps researchers, analysts, and businesses solve complex problems with unprecedented efficiency.

miplib-rail02 Constraints for a railroad allocation problem, MIPLIB RAIL02 (opens in a new tab), visualized using IRX. Got a GPU and solid internet connection? Check out the interactive version (opens in a new tab).

Key Features

Hardware Acceleration

We're developing custom hardware accelerators designed specifically for optimization algorithms. By targeting all 21 NP-Complete problems, we aim to significantly speed up the solving process and enable faster, more efficient optimization for real-world applications. Stay tuned for updates.

Available Q1 2025. Interested in early access? (opens in a new tab)

Optimization on the Edge

IRX brings optimization capabilities closer to users and data sources through its edge computing architecture. By deploying distributed optimization servers at the edge of the network, IRX enables low-latency optimization requests and improved responsiveness, even in scenarios with high request volumes and strict latency requirements.

Git-Driven Operations Research Workflows

IRX seamlessly integrates with git, enabling version control, collaboration, and CI/CD pipelines for your optimization models and workflows. Leverage the power of git to manage your optimization projects, track changes, and ensure reproducibility. IRX brings the best practices of software development to the world of operations research.

Free CPU-Backed Optimization

We believe that optimization should be accessible to everyone. All CPU-backed optimization workloads (e.g. HiGHS, CBC, OR-Tools, SCIP) on IRX are completely free of charge. For organizations requiring scale-up or enterprise-level support, negotiated SLAs, or custom features, we offer flexible pricing plans to meet your needs.

Why IRX?

Acceleration is Our Product

While other companies charge expensive fees for their platform and solvers, we've taken a different approach. Our core product is hardware acceleration, which means we can offer sophisticated platform features and access to software solvers completely free of charge. By providing a free, open platform, we can help people build better products, improve their existing solutions, and conduct groundbreaking research that was previously out of reach.

We are Scrappy

Our nimble team loves computers and mathematics. We're building IRX because we admire the power of optimization and want to make it easier for people to solve complex problems. We're moving fast and constantly improving, but we can't do it alone. We're looking for early adopters who share our vision and want to join us on this exciting journey. Your feedback and support can help shape the future of IRX and make it the go-to platform for optimization.

Check out our tutorials and examples for hands-on guidance and inspiration. If you have any questions, refer to the troubleshooting and FAQ section or reach out to our support team.

With IRX, you can focus on solving complex problems, making data-driven decisions, and driving innovation in your field. Whether you're a seasoned optimization expert or just getting started, IRX provides the tools, resources, and community support you need to succeed.

Let's solve together.